Highlights of Week 41: ICOVO, OceanEx, 0x

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ICOVO’s crowdsale is currently live. The phase 1 of the crowdsale started on October 10th and goes on until October 30th, and offers a +10% bonus. to participants. Participants are invited to join the Whitelist here. Soft cap has been reached (5,868 ETH). In September, the project also received a “No Action” letter from FINMA.

ICOVO’s vision is to create a global standard for ICO platforms for innovative blockchain related startups and ICO participants. The team aims to increase ICO transparency and protect investors, reduce barriers for ICO participation and increase project durability. The ICO will help the development of ICOVO Web, ICOVO App and DAICOVO. Read more here.


Oceanex announced on october 11th the end of their New Token Issuance. During the period of the NTI a total of 206,250,000 VET have been exchanged into 1,505,625,000 OCE.

OceanEx is the Next Generation Intellignet Digital Asset Exchange-Based Ecosystem. This proprietary crypto exchange and asset management platform will serve as an exchange and trading platform within the VeChainThor Ecosystem. Read more here.


Coinbase announced on Thursday 11th of October the listing of the ZRX token. This is the first ERC-20 token supported on the platform. Following this announcement, the price of the token surged to $0.86, up by 5.42% in a day.

0x is the critical infrastructure layer in the emerging financial stack built on a foundation of Ethereum token standards. The team behind the project aims to create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely. Read more here.

HOT Listed Projects This Week!

Menlo One: Menlo One is a developer framework to make dApps lightning fast that don’t suck.


Agora: Bringing voting systems into the digital age.


Safe Haven: Building solutions for inheritance, asset distribution and asset control.


Ultrain: Decentralized engine for the Future

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