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  • Name: Coliseum
  • Token ticker: COM
  • Website:
  • Hard Cap: $ 10,277,898
  • Pre-Sale: CLOSED – March 20th till April 9th
  • Whitelist: No
  • KYC: Yes
  • Token Type: ERC 20 AND BEP 20 (BSE)
  • Countries Excluded: USA
  • Sale Date: CLOSED – May 21st till June 21st
  • Token Distribution: (30%) Public Sale; (10%) Private Sale; (5%) Referral Reserved; (30%) Community Directors ; (13%) Promotion and Marketing; (12%) Platform Moderators

Company purpose and problem solving ideas

“Coliseum is a next-generation entertainment and movie community focused on leveraging the blockchain technology, proprietary applications, and digital assets. The objective of the Coliseum platform is to bring the world of movie and entertainment shows by eliminating the barriers of borders, language, and others operational hurdles.”

The project aims to build a decentralized filmmaking industry finance ecosystem utilizing blockchain technology. Coliseum will also ensure that both the creators and the fans associated with the community will be fairly rewarded for their participation throughout the life cycle.

To this end, Coliseum has built a community and platform for movie fans around the world that is transparent, growing, and unbeatable in the field.


  • During its Pre-Sale 10,126,276.770 [COM] Tokens were sold.
  • Coliseum is an open platform for their users: Upon signing up, users will have full access to all areas of the Coliseum portal, including sections that are generally restricted/investor-exclusive.
  • To prevent any shady groups from controlling the tokens upon its release, the Coliseum Team has also decided to cut off supply every quarter.

Token Usage

Tokens will be used for the Coliseum platform as a method of payment. The expansion of Coliseum users’ network, tokens will be able to be used for more and more activities.

It is based on the ERC-20 standard. As a result of Ethereum Network Conjunction in May 2021, the Coliseum Community decided to develop similar tokens on BEP-20 (BSC) Network as well. Participating in the token sale through BNB is now possible for eligible participants. Distributors will have the option to choose between ERC-20 and BEP-20 at the time of distribution. After the distributions, any Tokens left behind will be burned on First Burning, and the Supply will be maintained as decided by the Community.

Coliseum Tokens (COM) allows token holders to yield ETH, which gives them a couple of reasons to hold: 

  • It incentivizes users to hold for a longer term.
  • When they need few funds, they can utilize their yield income. Which will gradually encourage users to hold ETH and COM for a long period.
    Profit Distribution will encourage investors to keep their stack hold
  • The Coliseum Community is giving exit plans every quarter to their stakeholders
  • The Coliseum tokenomics will gain an added advantage by shorting the supply. Through the creation of a platform and token burn, they are shorting supply.

Token Distribution

  • (30%) Public Sale
  • (10%) Private Sale
  • (5%) Referral Reserved
  • (30%) Community Directors 
  • (13%) Promotion and Marketing
  • (12%) Platform Moderator

Total supply of COM: 99.999M


  • Interesting Tokenomics: Based on the documents available on the website the team is promising several incentives towards holdes of COM tokens
  • They have a good understanding and analysis of the Movie industry: One way to handle disruptions that are affecting the film industry is to ensure a catalog of high quality content, and to guarantee the partnership and fruitful collaboration of talent (Directors, Actors, Showrunners, Writers…). That business edge is recognised by the team.

Potential Drawbacks

  • The project is working on a glamorous but dog-eat-dog industry: The Movie industry is one that is ripe for disruption, regarding movie distribution, realisation and financing. However previous ICO platforms has struggled to gain traction in this sector (i.e. Movie Coin, CINEMADROM…)  
  • Project Roadmap not that ambitious: Some concerns are raised reading the project roadmap. Beta testing of the platform in Q3 2020… Coliseum platform live in Q4 2022… Sooner would be ideal. 

This review was sponsored by Coliseum. ICO Hot List does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings. ICO Hot List has received compensation from Coliseum to be featured in this article.

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