Highlights of Week 01: HYGH, Lake Diamond & TheArtToken

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Hygh’s STO Pre-Sale starts on the 7th of January. The HYGH platform empowers everyone to become an advertiser, regardless of advertising competence and company size. The team is inviting everyone to discover their prototype here. Participants to the STO are invited to join the whitelist here.

Hygh is building a global network with the latest Ad Tech where advertisers and display providers connect for quick and easy real-time DOOH advertising. Read more here.


LakeDiamond just broke its CHF 2 million milestone in total funds raised with their ICO via Swissquote. Swissquote is the first bank to support ICOs on its trading platform, where clients can purchase tokens conveniently in a secure environment against fiat currency (CHF).

LakeDiamond offers a collaborative diamond growth experience –

a cooperative in which token owners can exchange LKD tokens (time-based machine tokens) for actual machine time (1 LKD = 1 minute of production time) in LakeDiamond’s diamond-growing reactors. Read more here.

The Art Token

TheArtToken (TAT) funding has reached almost 7 million USD in total so far. The token was launched on Swarm’s security token marketplace. Developed specifically for security tokens, SRC20 tokens are fully compliant with all applicable regulations governing the issuance and trade of securities.

TAT introduces a revolutionary approach to bring art as a stable, successful and secure alternative asset on the blockchain. Every TAT is backed by 100% carefully curated renowned works of art. Read more here.

HOT Listed Projects This Week!

Novam: NOVAM is an ai cybersecurity program


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