Highlights of Week 45: Trecento Capital, Mt Pelerin & Caspian

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Trecento’s sale is currently live. The team is currently offering a +8% bonus deal that is ending in 6 days. Participants are invited to join the sale here.

Launched by a team of seasoned investment and technology professionals, Trecento Blockchain Capital is an all-in-one straightforward investment solution dedicated to the Blockchain world. Their objective is to generate substantial returns by capturing the best business opportunities offered by the Blockchain technology through their 4 investment funds. All within a safe and regulated environment. Read more here.

Trecento Blockchain Capital on CNNMoney


Mt Pelerin

Mt Pelerin’s seed round is currently live. The project is the first company in the world to tokenise its shares and sell tokens that are recognized as shares and provide legal protection conferred by Swiss law, including full voting and dividend rights for registered MPS Token Holders.

Mt Pelerin is a Swiss project to create the first bank to be fully built on blockchain in total compliance with regulations. Their key concept is the tokenization of the entire balance sheet of the bank, making the use of smart contracts on any asset possible. Read more here.


Caspian reached their HardCap on the 23rd of October. The project closed its public sale ahead of schedule, after reaching their Hardcap of 19.5M USD. Tokens are currently being distributed but remains unlocked until further notice from the team.

Caspian is a complete asset management solution that covers the full lifecycle of the trade. The crypto asset management platform also offers compliance, algorithms, portfolio management, risk, and reporting. Read more here.

HOT Listed Projects This Week!

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