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Intelly enables participants from all around the globe to invest in real estate development and projects without any of the burdens traditionally associated with it. Using blockchain technology, the Intelly platform and its native token INTL have been developed to become the benchmark for safe and secure real estate transactions. Real estate has always been a profitable investment and a stable basis for investment portfolios; the Intelly platform offers continuity and security to this market. Since its inception, it is the first time the real estate sector has tried out distributed ledger technology to facilitate investments.

Intelly is a future-oriented project that aims to combine real estate investment and blockchain technology in tokenized real estate. The company aims to achieve this by developing property projects using funds collected during their PreSale, open till December 31st and their Public Sale, open from January 1st to January 21st.

The Intelly project

Intelly is a blockchain-based real estate investment platform that allows participants to invest in all types of real estate opportunities around the globe. The platform will enable all users to invest in land, ongoing construction projects, residences and commercial properties. Intelly will track and verify each property through a proprietary verification process. By doing so, Intelly will create an immutable record of ownership for each property and participants within each respective market.

Intelly’s platform will offer significant advantages to both token sales participants and developers. 

  • For real estate developers, the Intelly Platform will provide a new channel for capital raising that allows them to offer their project to a global audience of investors.
  • For token sales participants, the Intelly Platform will offer access to previously unavailable opportunities due to regulatory or geographic constraints.

The Intelly platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and powered by INTL tokens. Intelly leverages smart contracts that are immutable, transparent and trustless. This is particularly valuable for real estate transactions because it removes the possibility of hidden fees and human error.

The security of such an innovative platform relies on the fact that all the parties involved in a transaction must agree to a series of smart contracts that control the flow of funds and the value exchange behind each step of a transaction. The integrity of this system becomes more robust as more people use it, increasing its decentralized nature.

  • INTL Reserve – The INTL Reserve is an integral part of the Intelly ecosystem. It has been created to preserve the value of the INTL token. The Reserve will be used to support, grow and protect the value of INTL. By redistributing income from investments directly to the Intelly Wealth Fund, the Team aims for considerable growth of the Intelly Wealth Fund. This will increase the Airdrop income in turn. The Intelly Reserve will be used as a backup in the case of possible losses in a particular investment opportunity on the Intelly Platform.
  • Intelly Exchange – The Intelly Exchange will allow any real estate project worldwide to be tokenized and traded. Token projects will enable investors to own a share of the underlying asset. This can be in the form of a Non Fungible Token (NFT) or fractionalized NFT (F-NFT). These real estate projects will be launched directly on the Intelly Exchange. Fees on the Exchange will be collected with the platform native token, INTL. After deducting operating costs, the fees will be added to the INTL Reserve and Wealth Fund.
  • The Intelly Wealth Fund – The fund’s primary purpose is to back the development of innovative products and services by the principle of sustainable growth. The fund will work in an automated mode and will be 100% managed by smart contracts. After realizing a certain level of profit, 50% of the net profit generated by the fund will be used to buy back tokens from the open market and burn them. This way the Team creates a deflationary token economy. The remaining 50% of net profit will be distributed among the Token holders in accordance with their share in the total number of tokens.

The INTL Token

To provide a completely secure and reliable service, Intelly is releasing the INTL token on the Binance Smart Chain. This BEP20 compliant token will be used to pay for all transactions on the Intelly platform. These transactions could be deposits/withdrawals; buying or selling of NFT or F-NFTs, or paying fees relating to the Intelly platform services. 

The deflationary model implemented by Intelly is an alternative to the current model of cryptocurrency, where 1% of the fees collected will be withdrawn from the market and added to the reserve. 

The INTL internal reserve system will reward users for their participation within the platform. Still, more importantly it will hold back a portion of these funds and thus create an internal deflationary mechanism.

The Team has highlighted that this decentralized process will allow for full transparency on transactions while also allowing for more liquidity within the system. In other words, the entire process works together to provide a deflationary environment and thus increase the token’s value in line with market sentiment and take some of the volatility out of it.

Token Distribution:

  • (40%) 400,000,000 INTL – Token Sale
  • (10%) 100,000,000 INTL – Marketing
  • (25%) 250,000,000 INTL – Liquidity Reserve
  • (13%) 130,000,000 INTL  Founders
  • (4%) 40,000,000 INTL  Team
  • (3%) 30,000,000 INTL – Advisors
  • (5%) 50,000,000 INTL – Exchange Listings

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 INTL

The Team 

  • Ismet Tasceken – Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Ismet has over ten years of experience working in the construction and Real Estate Industry. Currently, Ismet works as the CEO of Intelly, where he is building a unique platform, enabling people to invest in property development and real estate with the power of blockchain.
  • Carlos Riza Tuzun – Head of Operations: Carlos is a finance and management expert in Real Estate and CryptoCurrency projects in multiple countries in the EU and Turkey. Thanks to his extensive experience, Carlos is a Financial modelling wizard.
  • Cevdet Tasceken – Chief Strategy Officer: Cevdet is a global executive of 25 years in management Strategy, Financial services, with a focus on real estate, construction, and risk management. A mentor to emerging leaders.
  • Ozgur Koca – Head of Financial Planning & Analysis: Ozgur is in charge of Intelly’s business forecasting. He looks at Intelly’s finances with a critical eye – trying to spot data anomalies, trends, or deviations – and then introduces strategies for improvement.

Notable Projects and Upcoming Developments

Intelly Credit: The Intelly Platform will build a real estate backed credit ecosystem and offer loans for participants to make real estate investments on The Intelly Platform. 

The credit taker will be presented with interest rates according to the scoring level. This will help the platform to build a Credit NFT which will be pooled according to the scoring level. These pools will then be fractionalized from A Pool Credit Securities, all the way to E Pool Credit Securities. Intelly credit system will provide attractive entry points and up-to-mark potential for risk-adjusted returns. In the case of a credit event, the system will prioritize the sale of the associated asset on its marketplace. This will provide an immediate return to investors and allow the asset to be reused in order to keep the loan book replenished.

Investors will be able to combine a reasonable yield in the base case and capital gains if they choose to invest in riskier loans.

Intelly Metaverse: ​​The Intelly Metaverse will create a new type of real estate investor, giving them opportunities to collect rent, convert their virtual houses into 3D projects, and build a real estate market dependent on virtual reality. Participants will choose to rent their virtual homes, or hold the virtual real estate for themselves.

A Metaverse is a virtual shared space, which may represent physical reality and exists independently of any single organism’s perception. A metaverse can be thought of as a parallel existence where individuals live, interact and share experiences with other individuals that populate this virtual world. A key attribute of metaverses is that they are shared realities, in which many people may simultaneously participate via their respective avatars.


  • Project Name: Intelly
  • PreSale Status: Live
  • PreSale End Date: December 31st
  • Public Sale Start Date: January 1st 2022
  • Public Sale End Date: January 21st 2022
  • Token ticker: INTL
  • Token Type: BEP 20 (Binance Smart Chain)
  • Website:
  • KYC: No

More information on Intelly is available in the Whitepaper, accessible here.

More about INTL on the website Follow @intelly_tech on Twitter, or join the Telegram group to stay informed of the project’s latest developments.

Disclaimer: This Press Release was sponsored by Intelly. ICO Hot List does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings. ICO Hot List has received compensation from Intelly to be featured in this article.

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