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  • Name: Emcodex
  • Token ticker: EMCO
  • Website:
  • Hard Cap: USD 800,000
  • Whitelist: YES
  • KYC: YES
  • Jurisdiction: 
  • Token Type: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Moonbeam, Fantom and Polkadot 
  • Country Restrictions: USA, Afghanistan, Central African, The Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iran, Libya, Mali, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen,
  • Private Sale: CLOSED – 3.8 M Raised
  • Presale: May 18th 2021 – June 28th 2021 / 
  • Sale Date: May 18th – August 28th 2021
  • Token Distribution: (5%) Advisor, (15%) Team, (9.3%) Private Sale, (0.4%) Public Sale, (20.1%) Research Foundation, (25.1%) Ecosystem, (5%) Seed Sale, (10%) Liquidity Mining, (1%) Exchanges, (9%) General Reserves

Company purpose and problem solving ideas

EMCODEX stands for: Emerging Commodity Decentralized Exchange. The modern commodity market is already historically structured in a typical centralized system and is dominated by the inefficiencies of the middlemen who control it. Emerging commodity producers must pay skyrocketing fees when standardizing new commodities, if they are given the opportunity to enter the market with their goods at all and a small number of huge commodity trading firms dominate the production, transportation and trading of commodities.

 The goal of the Emcodex project is to remove the current barriers to direct entry into the commodity market by producers of various types of products that currently exist in the commodity market or face barriers to entry, bypassing the entire chain of middlemen forcing producers to cut margins. In addition, our decentralized exchange will allow direct transactions between its participants without the need for intermediaries such as banks or brokerage firms, and thus at virtually no cost. 

EMCODEX was developed to achieve an increase in efficiency of current commodities exchanges. Decentralized, crosschain trading platform EMCODEX facilitates seamless commodity trading and  standardization. The EMCODEX decentralized exchange platform operates on various blockchain protocols and ecosystems and enables automated swaps of emerging commodities and cryptocurrency pairs. 

A kickstarter platform will be made available to EMCODEX participants so they can raise funds and list  commodities on the exchange (EMCO Starter). In order to pique the interests of potential members, EMCODEX will offer full support related to these processes. 


  • The project already raised 3.80M in its private sale
  • Decentralized commodities exchange (DEX) focusing on commodities and emerging products. A new commodity may be listed and standardized by anyone without the need for permission from a central authority.
  • EMCODEX’s technology protects against price manipulation and fake trading volume (wash trading) by enabling end-to-end transparency regarding orders.

Token Usage

  • $EMCO is the only cross-chain token that bridges several independent ecosystems including: Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche, Solana, Moonbeam, Fantom,  and Polkadot. 
  • A $EMCO token gives users the opportunity to participate in liquidity mining, invest in emerging commodities, and get access to new projects when they are launched on Ethereum.
  • Unsold tokens will be burnt.

Token Distribution

  • (5%) Advisor
  • (15%) Team
  • (9.3%) Private Sale
  • (0.4%) Public Sale 
  • (20.1%) Research Foundation
  • (25.1%) Ecosystem
  • (5%) Seed Sale
  • (10%) Liquidity Mining
  • (1%) Exchanges
  • (9%) General Reserves

Total supply: 100M $EMCO Tokens

Vesting Periods:

  • Seed: 1 month Lock, then daily linear unlock 9 months
  • Private A: 10% at listing, then daily linear unlock 6 months
  • Private B: 25% at listing, then daily linear unlock 3 months
  • Public: 100% at listing
  • Advisors: Unlock month 2, then daily linear unlock 3 months
  • Team: Unlock month 12, then daily linear unlock 24 months
  • Research: Unlock month 7, then  daily linear unlock 60 months
  • Ecosystem Growth: Unlock month 2, then daily linear unlock 60 months
  • Exchanges and Market-making: 100% unlock at listing
  • Liquidity mining and staking: Maximum APY and APR
  • General Reserve: Unlock month 7, then daily linear unlock 60 months

Notable partnerships

A token named XAN will be created in the EMCODEX system for the Emerging Commodity Xanthohumol, a homogeneous and standardized substance. As a natural product, xanthohumol is found in Hops inflorescences, also known as Humulus lupulus. It is a chemical compound found in beer, which contributes to its bitterness and flavor. Most importantly, Xanthohumol is under basic research for its potential biological properties, as a potential cancer chemopreventive agent.

1 XAN corresponds to 1 mg of Xanthohumol with the highest natural purity in the world at HPLC>99%. The initial price for 1 XAN = 1 mg Xanthohumol – XAN99%) = 5 EUR. A 6 million forward contract will be the first transaction planned and a derivative created for XAN.


  • Blockchain interoperability: The Emcodex project has the ability to share information across various blockchain systems or networks. Interoperability makes it easy for people to see and access information across various blockchain networks. For instance, one would be able to send information from an Ethereum blockchain to an EOS Blockchain.
  • Fairness and Low entry cost for emerging commodities: Major barriers like new commodities introduced and financial barriers will be eliminated. Furthermore, the EMCODEX platform will enable commodity producers to enter the market, as well as participants who are more focused on speculating than actual trading to trade derivatives based on real commodities.

Potential Drawbacks

  • Pressure of the community: Community’s pressure on the team making progress on the decentralised commodity exchange can be strong. MVP is scheduled for Q2 2021 and the crosschain integrations are due in 2022

This review was sponsored by EMCODEX. ICO Hot List does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings. ICO Hot List has received compensation from EMCODEX to be featured in this article.

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