Project Review: Tiberius Coin

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Project Overview:

  • Name: Tiberius Coin
  • Token Ticker: TCX
  • Website:
  • Whitepaper:
  • Hard Cap: No Hard Cap
  • Pre-Sale: The presale has been completed with 2 Million USD raised.
  • Whitelist: Tiberius’s main sale will commence on October 1st. The whitelist will open on September 15th. Meanwhile, you can register to the whitelisting process and receive updates by clicking on the “enquire now” button on their website.
  • KYC: Yes, Mandatory
  • Jurisdiction: Zug, Switzerland
  • Token Type: ERC20 (fungible)
  • Countries Excluded: Citizens or residents (tax or otherwise) of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”), Green Card Holders, Citizens or residents (tax or otherwise) of the United States of America (“USA”). Singapore and South Korea are neither entitled to purchase T-Coins as well as persons that are affected by sanctions issued by the USA, such as sanctions related to Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine/Russia, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.
  • Sale Date: Token sale opens October 1st through October 21st, 2018.
  • Token Distribution Date: Approximately one week after the token sale has ended.

Company Purpose & Problem-Solving Ideas:

Tiberius Coin is a commodity based cryptocurrency that manages and trades metal resources.

Tiberius Group is a commodity trading & asset management company with the sole purpose of providing a direct connection & rights of these resources to the participants with the transparency of the blockchain. The resources are stored within a warehouse that is amply secured, insured, and audited regularly by PwC. Tiberius has mentioned that all metal will be bought from London Metals Exchange (LME) to ensure the quality, purity, origin, and the necessary quantities needed for their consumers.

What makes Tiberius Coin different than other asset-backed cryptocurrencies is that they have a diversified portfolio of assets instead of harbouring a single asset. Future usage of this asset class is expected to increased as a result of projected demand in industries such as Transportation, IOT, Telecommunications, Robotics and Space Exploration.

Tiberius Coin has an intrinsic value based on its correlated relationship with the underlying physical assets. Read more about the relationship here.


  • Tiberius Asset Management AG the parent company is an existing & fully operational company since 2005. Existing branches includes Tiberius Digital Mining (2012), Tiberius ComTech (2016) and Tiberius Coin (2017)
  • Released white paper and Proof of Concept for Metal baskets in Q1 2018
  • Updated Website & Released key details for Tiberius Coin conversion to Metals
  • Pre-Sale concluded in mid-June with 2M USD raised.

Token Usage:

Each Tiberius Coin is associated to a distinctive tech metal basket that will be available shortly after the main sale. These metals are:

  • Technology metals – Copper & Tin
  • Electric Vehicle metals – Cobalt, Nickel & Aluminium
  • Stability metals – Gold & Platinum

Tiberius Coin could be suitable for both private and commercial participants since metal, as a resource, can be invested short term or long term. This gives family offices and /or high-net worth individuals an asset that holds value over time. Stability metals have been chosen to lower the cost of carry and decrease volatility. The use of gold also provides enhanced liquidity and protection against currency and inflation risk.

Participants have a few different options when they receive their tokens. They can cancel the token out (token is burned) and redeem the resources or choose to store it within the warehouse. If you are unable to receive the physical commodity then you have the option to sell the token at a higher value to another interested party. Additionally, participants may also hold these tokens for future growth and value.

Token Distribution

  • There is no token distribution for the team or advisors
  • There is no Airdrop program
  • Bounty program available here

Team Summary:

The Tiberius team is comprised of 11 members and 4 advisors that are skilled and have expertise within the crypto space as well as Asset Management. Below is a brief rundown for

for several members of the core team members from Tiberius Coin.

  • Giuseppe Rapallo, CEO – Giuseppe has 11 years experience in project management for Tiberius Asset Management AG.
  • Philip R. Zimmermann, Chief Scientist and Security Officer – Encryption algorithm expert and creator of the first version of the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption.
  • Rafael Torreblanca, CMO – Rafael 2.0 Entrepreneur, Rafael was involved in numerous leading and multi-awarded companies responsible of securing voice and data transmission.
  • Nicholas Cutler, CTO – Nicholas has 7 years experience in the commodities industry and programming sectors with his previous work being with Derivatives Trader.
  • Christoph Eibl, Commodity Advisor – Christoph has over 20 years experience within the financial and commodities sector between Tiberius Asset Management AG and Dresdner Kleinwort.
  • Daniel Haudenschild, Advisor – Daniel brings 20 years of Big-4 advisory in financial services and an international view to the business as he spent 10 years in London, Africa, Asia and the Americas
  • Eugen Weinberg, Advisor – Eugen is the Head of Commodity Research at Commerzbank. He holds a A Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics and is a qualified CFA charterholder.

Notable Partnerships:

  • Zilliqa – Blockchain solution for warehousing fees to be implemented to users.
  • LAToken – Tiberius Coin can transferred to LAToken exchange or Tiberius’s inhouse wallet.


  • Company has over 10+ years of knowledge & experience in the commodities sector.
  • Skilled and experienced team with relevant expertise.
  • Solid network within the metals marketplace.
  • Offers physical delivery to buyers and offers low fixed fees (warehouse, delivery, etc.).
  • Fully regulated by FINMA, SEC & BAFIN and Warehouses regularly audited by PWC.
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Future usage and demand for technology and base metal likely to increase over time.

Potential Drawbacks:

  • Managing risks associated with investment undertaking requires a systematic approach that addresses inherent risks as well as the sector and asset class specific risks.
  • The inherent risk profiles that require vigilance include overall volatility across commodities markets in response to adverse events that take place across economic, political, regulatory, and market spheres both foreign and domestic.
  • Competitors moving into multi-asset backed tokens, and offering different risk profile.
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