BlaBlaGame: The Best GameFi Crypto ICO 2023

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The Crypto industry is an all-evolving ecosystem which follows new trends and discovers new ways of creating an entertaining environment. In 2021 NFTs became widely known, and how we now live in a GameFi era. GameFi is a term that is used to describe games developed on a blockchain. Those GameFi games allow users to earn various cryptocurrencies (usually local tokens) while playing games. Those games might be complicated and easy, with many or fewer rewards. Today we will present one of the best upcoming ICO of 2023, a game called

BlaBlaGame is a new and active Crypto Game that has stormed the GameFi crypto sector with its simple concept of rewarding its users with pleasant bonuses. A Ukrainian team leads this project, and the game is available for users worldwide to enjoy. Additionally, this project might also be the best GameFi crypto project of 2023. One of the key reasons is that the Team already has a product that customers can check out and evaluate before participating.

BlaBlaGame Rules

The rules of the BlaBlaGame are pretty simple and based on the well-known game of rock-paper-scissors. Getting into a game is very straightforward: players can create a match or join an already existing one after a quick registration process. The website only allows real users to participate; no bots are allowed. The player places a bet and waits for a result. The betting currency includes Tether USDT or BlaBlaGame own token, known as BLA token. Bets waged in BLA tokens are cheaper as the platform only charges a 2.2% commission, while USDT takes around 3% commission. To protect assets, all wagers are secured by an SHA-256 encryption algorithm.

To start playing BlaBlaGame:

  • Register;
  • Transfer some crypto;
  • Play and win;
  • Receive cashback and bonuses!

Rating system the best ongoing ICO coming to 2023 thanks to the good rating system that allows users to reap more rewards. The ten-level rating system awards participants up to 35%. But no matter the level of the user, players always get a cashback from winning games. So the more games are won – the more cashback is received at the end of the day. Higher levels in the rating system also provide excellent bonuses such as premium video tutorials, priority on customer support and access to a particular VIP telegram club.

Referral System

The referral system is a familiar mechanic among platforms and crypto projects, and BlaBlaGame is no exception. The BlaBlaGame referral system rewards users for bringing in new players and pays a commission on the tokens bought by the referrals. Not only that, but early participants also receive additional cashback for all of their referrals’ wins that day. This system allows the ecosystem to grow steadily and organically and rewards early participants! 


BlaBlaGame also offers a prevalent system in the form of Staking. BLA tokens can be staked for various periods to receive future rewards. The BlaBlaGame Staking program offers staking options for 3, 6 or 12 months. The more tokens are staked, the bigger the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of the Stake is. Even at the lowest three months of staking and buying less than 100 tokens, users will receive a 4% APR. The biggest APR on the platform is 40%, available for stakes of at least 1 million BLA tokens. BlaBlaGame tokens are available directly on the BlaBlaGame token sale platform: 


BlaBlaGame, described by the founding Team as one of the best upcoming ICO projects, uses a deflationary model designed to make the BLA token price rise with time. Scheduled token burns are a necessary mechanic that companies use to reduce the supply of available tokens, creating scarcity and increasing the value of remaining BLA tokens. 

BlaBlaGame NFTs

The BlaBlaGame Team was asked about their plans for possible NFTs sales, and they gave a positive answer. The Founding Team have mentioned plans to sell NFTs on the BlaBlaGame platform. To stimulate the platform’s economy and to engage with their playing community, the Founders intents to create and sell unique NFTs connected to the game. Several private rounds are scheduled to present, offer and sell complete project NFTs to the BlaBlaGame Community and the general public. It is expected that these NFTs would be attractive to users already playing the game.

Influencing the GameFi Industry

BlaBlaGame can be regarded as one of the most significant GameFi initiatives of 2023 as it has quickly amassed 3.5k followers, demonstrating how persistence and faith in a concept can lead to real success. Articles about BlaBlaGame have been published in Forbes, Entrepreneur and others publications. BlaBlaGame has also been evaluated by various crypto rating platforms and leading experts and given 5-star reviews.

Is BlaBlaGame a good Project?

  • Trusted

BlaBlaGame has been evaluated among other new and active ICO projects by various crypto rating platforms and was named one of the Best crypto GameFi projects in 2023

  • Accessible

The concept of the game is fairly simple and accessible to users, which engages audiences from all around the world. 

  • Experienced

The project is led by experienced crypto developers and has a promising roadmap, with several achievements and milestones under its belt.

  • Ready product

BlaBlaGame is up and running and has a ready game platform. The token uses the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with plans to be listed on the Binance exchange. 

  • Bonuses

The project has excellent potential for growth in a rapidly expanding industry: GameFi. Rewards and bonuses are offered to early participants willing to help the platform grow organically, Receiving cashback on their referrals.  

  • Staking

The staking option on the website is rewarding and offers different reward approaches. 

  • Transparent

The benefits of interacting with the BlaBlaGame platform are clear and visible, and the Founding Team is transparent about their funding allocation, and their social media presence is as active as possible. 

In conclusion

BlaBlaGame is one of the best upcoming and ongoing ICO project in 2023 that users trust and love. The company’s future seems bright as they have many plans to make the game better and more engaging, implement new features, and sell NFTs. Participants hold high hopes towards the project being the best crypto game of 2023, leading the GameFi crypto industry in the upcoming year. 


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