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Rx SeedCoin, a Blockchain technology organization that strives to uplift humanity is pleased to announce that they have entered an agreement with Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC: SIRC). The partnership will focus on integrating existing and developing new Blockchain technologies that is already being used to innovate virtually every aspect of the renewable energy businesses and systems worldwide.

Rx SeedCoin can create a new paradigm in charitable giving, and a Blockchain is an ideal tool for managing these types of endeavours.

The RX SeedCoin Project

RX SeedCoin is a decentralized, community-powered charity coin that aims to help humanity by providing access to donations of any size.

Contributors and users can create and manage their donation wallets and send and receive funds on an immutable ledger. Donation wallets can be created with free mining software or with compatible hardware through the RX SeedCoin website. To support the charitable goals of RX SeedCoin, the R.X. Seed team has developed a unique voting system on their smart contract, which allows users to vote for the projects they want to fund.

The intelligent contract guarantees funds are dispersed to approved projects in total. Rewards are paid out monthly by the smart contract to all donors who have voted for the same project, regardless of when funds are received.

  • Helping fund relief projects – When SOW-Coin holders buy and transact in SOW they help finance RX SeedCoin’s relief projects. The RX SeedCoin team is working to find solutions to the growing problem of hunger, homelessness, health, energy provision, and disaster relief and temporary emergency housing.
  • Aligning trading with funding projects – The price of SOW-Coins is designed to increase when users are buying tokens to help fund relief projects. A share of the earnings is also distributed back into approved projects, thereby increasing the number of donations directly towards funding operations.
  • Bringing Solar Power to the Island of La Gonave – RXSeedCoin is currently negotiating with government officials on La Gonave (Haïti) and with Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation (SIRC) to bring green energy to the island’s population.

The Coin of Compassion

The wSOW token is the first Stellar Coin to be packaged into the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by Rx SeedCoin engineers. The RXSeed Coin platform is designed with three main features behind it:

  1. Micro-payments to support and fund relief projects: The team behind the project want to create a currency using the human potential to solve humanitarian crises, specifically Homelessness, Hunger and Health. They needed to simplify cryptocurrency and make it simple and easy to purchase for the ordinary consumer.
    Currently, RXSeedCoins are available in two price tiers: $0.10/coin and $0.05/coin. The lower-priced coins are locked up for 12 months, at which time they will be released to the purchaser.
  2. NFTs as a means to subsidize projects: In addition to SOW coins, RXSeedCoin will use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to support projects that foster its community growth. RX SeedCoin is minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing Bible scenes and is creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to auction these tokens. Profits will be used to fund missionaries and cover their operating expenses.
  3. Trading on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX): The price of SOW-Coins is designed to increase when users are selling their tokens into the market. SOW Coins sold are then distributed back to the remaining holders in proportion to how many SOW-Coins they own. It is also distributed back into approved projects, thereby increasing the number of donations that go directly towards funding relief operations.

SOW and wSOW

There are two tokens in the Rx SeedCoin project:
– SOW, the initial coin created on the Stellar Network,
– wSOW, a wrapped pair on the Binance Smart Chain, designed to bring lower transfer costs and other advanced innovative contract capabilities.

The RX SeedCoin team is using a new bridge technology developed by Ammbr.Finance and VeratoGroup.com. SOW became the first known Stellar token to be wrapped onto the BSC. The wSOW token will serve as the primary currency on the SOW-debit cards and all other charges. Users of wSOW will also automatically participate in the selected relief programs without any additional costs.

Token Distribution

  • (2%) 100,000,000 SOW – ECO Public Sale
  • (97%) 9,850,000,000 SOW – Capital Reserve
  • (0,4%) 20,000,000 SOW – Management and Advisors.
  • (0,6%) 30,000,000 SOW – PRE-ECO

SOW Total supply: 5,000,000,000 SOW
SOW Circulating supply: 56M

wSOW Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 wSOW
wSOW Circulating supply: 100M

The RX SeedCoin team

David and Stephanie Miller – Founders : The couple has experience with the world of commodities—specifically, coffee—through their partnerships in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The couple also founded Rx Smart Coffee Inc., an FDA-certified coffee company that uses R.X. Seed Coin (SOW). The company has sold more than 11 tons of coffee since its foundation.

Jeff M. Richfield – V.P. Operations: Jeff is a 20-year finance industry veteran with experience in foreign exchange markets and cryptocurrency. He has worked with international joint ventures, investor relations, and operations of multinational companies, as well as IPOs. As a general contractor for over a decade, Jeff owns and operates Music City Roofers in Nashville, Tennessee. Now installing solar panels, he will lead the way with David Miller for the RXSeedCoin Caribbean Island Solar Project to meet the energy needs of over 250,000 residents.

Eric Majors – Project Manager: Eric is a financial analyst and computer programmer who holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Colorado. Eric previously worked as a U.S. Registered Investment Adviser and formerly worked with the CIA. He has served as an officer and director of several publicly-traded companies and as a principal of an international investment banking firm. In 2018 Eric worked for Ammbr.com to build a private cryptocurrency exchange accessing liquidity pools for B2B business projects.

Brett Henry – DAO: Brett is the founder and president of Zealot, a real estate consulting company. He has been involved with more than 150 real estate deals in the historic Tennessee town of Columbia. He launched several startups in 2014—Honest Coffee Roasters and the Franklin Juice Company being two of them. His latest projects are Triumph Roofing and Zealot Media, an artist-owned media company/label hybrid that leverages the power of decentralization to elevate independent artists.

Major Upcoming Development

Listing on BitMark
SOW has been recently evaluated and well received by experts. As a result, it has been recently announced that wSOW will be traded on BitMart. BitMart is a top-tier trading platform for exchanging, buying, and selling digital assets with five and a half million users worldwide. This Cayman Islands-based cryptocurrency exchange has been categorized as one of the top ten exchanges.
SOW-Coin is expected to be listed on the Bitmart Exchange on December 15, 2021.

Partnership with SIRC
In late September 2021, Rx SeedCo’s Jeff Richfield and David Miller approached Solar Integrated to study the feasibility of installing and managing solar power delivery in a promising Rx SeedCo project in the Caribbean. Blockchain technology can provide superior automation, lower costs, corporate governance, transparency, metering and payment processing to companies in the solar power space.

David Masseyr, the CEO of SIRC stated that “Rx SeedCoin just confirmed that we need to look into this technology in order to stay at the forefront of energy delivery and also access to capital and funding made available through the popularity of Decentralized Funding (DeFi) and the convenience of instruments like Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which are based on blockchain networks. We believe that in RX SeedCoin we have found the financial and technical know-how to get involved in this important technology and we couldn’t be happier to become a shareholder of SOW and the great work of RX SeedCoin to support doing to help people in the U.S. and around the world. ”

RX SeedCoin takes advantage of the transparency and liquidity offered by blockchain technology to cover the energy needs of more than 250,000 residents on the island of La Gonave.



Name: RX SeedCoin
Presale Status: Live
PreSale EndDate: 12th of December
Token Ticker: SOW and wSOW
Token Type: Stellar & BSC
Website: https://rxseedcoin.io/

More information on RX SeedCoin game available in the Whitepaper, accessible here. More about SOW and wSOW on the website rxseedcoin.io.

Follow @RxSeedCoin on Twitter, or join the Telegram group to stay informed of the project’s latest developments.

Disclaimer: This Press Release was sponsored by RX SeedCoin. ICO Hot List does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings. ICO Hot List has received compensation from RX SeedCoin to be featured in this article.

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