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Taima is a unique token built on the Solana blockchain, which was explicitly designed to deal with the unique challenges of cannabis businesses and transactions. Find out how $TMA works and more information on the Pre-Sale below.

Company purpose and problem-solving ideas

The Taima token is an SPL token designed to be used as a payment token for the products of Origami Group, a pharmaceutical company. In exchange for these tokens, participants will acquire a share of the stock and production of Origami Pharma’s factories. Demand for Taima will increase as Origami Pharma’s production capacity increases, increasing the price of $TMA.

The Taima Token will be based on Solana Blockchain, which will make it secure, fast and transparent. The token will be used as a payment token to purchase medical products. After its launch, Origami Pharma SA plans to produce pharmaceutical products and sell them using the $TAIMA token. The demand for $TAIMA will increase in proportion to Origami’s production capacity, increasing the price of Taima. The higher the interest and use of the token from participants, the higher the value for $TMA will be. 


  • Increase the Token value in case of price inflation and resale possibility on specialized markets
    Taima tokens are built on the Solana network and are fully SPL compliant. The $TMA token will be a foundational component of Taima as it is used to create transparency and security within the supply chain. $TAIMA will also offer an additional resale value in case of price inflation due to increased demand.
  • Interact with the medical cannabis industry and participate directly or indirectly in the adventure
    Taima is a Blockchain-based business designed to thrive within the medical cannabis industry. As the legalities of purchasing and using cannabis products are very different across jurisdictions, Participants are advised to contact their legal counsel before making any purchases from dispensaries.
  • Take advantage of future opportunities that Ashita Capital will develop during the Taima
    Ashita Capital was founded by a group of people who have been involved in early-stage investing, technology development and corporate operations over their careers. These professionals have invested billions of dollars in ventures ranging from mobile phones to enterprise software, retail stores to homebuilding supplies, computer hardware, and cloud computing services. Ashita Capital’s investment professionals invest both their capital and funds raised on behalf of Ashita Limited Partners (ALPs).

Why is Solana the suitable Blockchain for Taima

Solana blockchain can process up to 710k transactions per second, more than 100 times faster than Ethereum. The main reason for such performance increase is an innovative consensus mechanism based on proof of history (PoH) instead of proof of work (PoW). Low energy consumption: Proof-of-work consensus algorithms, including Bitcoin, consume a lot of energy because they need to solve mathematical problems to confirm transaction blocks.

The SOLANA network benefits from a growing investor community, and enhanced institutional adoption. The token is making a real difference in business applications, and recently a previously unrealized demand has been noticed. Growing investor interest enhanced institutional adoption, and adequate market exposure will result in substantial long-term value appreciation. The growth of cannabis is inevitable. As more countries continue to legalize medical cannabis and some countries approve recreational use for people over 21 years old, many cannabis businesses will emerge.

Moreover, there is a general trend toward mainstreaming marijuana companies. Therefore, as consumers and producers adopt new technologies, The SOLANA network’s utility value will increase accordingly.

Token Usage

The Taima tokens represent the demand for Origami Pharma SA’s production. For a production capacity of 250 million euros per year, it will take 250’000’000 of counter value in $TMA to acquire the flowers. To that extent the project will issue 20,000,000 $TMA.

The $TMA token has two types of usage; 

1) As an access token to pay for Origami Pharma’s medical-grade production
2) As a crypto asset for participant looking to add diversity and stability to their portfolio. 

Details of these features will be provided further in the Taima whitepaper. $TMA will also be traded on decentralized exchanges soon after issuance.

Token Distribution

Initial Supply – 20,000,000 $TMA

(50%) Origami – Financing project – 10,000,000
(20%) Issuer / Ashita – 4,000,000
(10%) Managing Team – 2,000,000
(5%) Reserve – 1,000,000
(5%) Cash Flow – 1,000,000
(10%) Airdrop – 2,000,000

Notable Projects and Upcoming developments

Ashita will fund Origami to build a medical and recreational cannabis production facility with its unique strains of cannabis products and ancillary products like edibles, oils, etc. Ashita’s vision is to create an entirely vertically integrated cannabis operation from seed to sale with full control over all aspects of product development, including genetics and proprietary strains using their years of experience in R&D.

It is essential for the team that cannabis be produced and distributed under state-of-the-art, environmentally sustainable, industrial design/build standards and childproof, child-resistant packaging. The sale of $TMA will fund the production of Origami’s 500 tons of medical-grade, lab-tested cannabis concentrate.

The Team

Michael Gebreziabiher – Director: Experienced entrepreneur. Michael is the CEO of Level Up Gestion Group, a consulting group based in Geneva, helping startups with fiduciary services, tax advice, trademark protection services, numerous legal services and practical training in business management.

Sujati Lo – CSO: Sujati has more than 15 years of experience in online marketing. Before founding his reputation management firm, he was a marketing director and head of research & development for online reputation management at a top 500 Forbes company. Sujati has strong technical skills in marketing (sales analysis & objectives, digital strategy & conversion funnel) and web development (automation of tasks and management of several thousands of websites in multiple highly competitive sectors).

Akito Tawil-Kummerman – Head of Marketing: Akito is an expert of crafting strategies for all kinds of marketing teams, including digital, advertising, communications and creative.


Name: Taima
Token ticker: $TMA
Website: https://thetaima.com/
Whitelist: YES
Jurisdiction: Switzerland
Token Type: SOLANA
PreSale: Yes
PreSale Start Date: March 1st 2022
PreSale End Date: March 31st 2022

Token Distribution:
(50%) Origami – Financing project – 10,000,000
(20%) Issuer / Ashita – 4,000,000
(10%) Managing Team – 2,000,000
(5%) Reserve – 1,000,000
(5%) Cash Flow – 1,000,000
(10%) Airdrop – 2,000,000

More information on Taima is available on their website, accessible here. You can also join the Telegram group to stay informed of the project’s latest developments.

Disclaimer: This Press Release was sponsored by Taima. ICO Hot List does not endorse or recommend participating in any initial coin offerings. ICO Hot List has received compensation from Taima to be featured in this article.


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